Since March 2020 we have been experienced some challenges in keeping up with supply to our valued customers. 

Please be assured we are working with our farmers and freight forwarders to rectify this. In the mean time, if we run out of any stock we are discounting that sku and popping it on backorder or PRE-SALE. 

This means that we pass on a really cool discount, you place your order and pay and we do the rest and get it to you as soon as the product arrives and is packed. Check out Kylie's video here

We then have been update customers weekly via our weekly newsletter and social media platforms on how we are travelling with dispatching and fulfilling all pre-orders/backorders of GF Oats.

To date we have Quick Oats on Pre-order.  

A new load is due to leave the US on the 25th May, due here 14th June. We will be looking at a dispatch approximately 3rd week in June. Please note that these dates are an estimate and there are multiple factors that can change these, that make our hair go grey. :) 

Rest assured please email or msg us along the way. 

Ps also be aware that if you order anything else with your pre-order it will all be dispatched at the same time unless you pay an additional freight charge.

We would like to thank everyone for their incredible patience and understanding during this time. 


Director GF Oats Australia & the GF Oats Team