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GF Oats Australia are the leaders in the supply of GF Oats in Australia and New Zealand. Our signature range is Steamed Rolled Oats that are uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley, tested to nil gluten content.

Oats cannot be called gluten free in Australia, due to currently labelling laws restricting any claim of gluten free oats. This clause is in review. Until then, our brand is called Gloriously Free Oats – ‘The Oats you can Trust”. We currently source our oats from international growers until our Aussie farmers have established an adequate supply of oats that is uncontaminated through the supply chain and meets the world oats purity standards.

Each batch of oats received to GF Oats warehouse undergoes strict compliance procedures and testing. Test results are published on our Compliance Page for each batch, displaying nil gluten present. Our aim is to provide customers in Australia with a healthy nutritious alternative to the GMO corn, Soy and highly laden sugar alternatives currently on the market for people avoiding gluten and following speciality diets.

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