In 2007, Kylie owned a product line called Brighterlife Wheatfree Foods. This was a range of gluten free flour cake and bread mixes that she developed to support her families health and food requirements. She became aware of a variety of uncontaminated oats in the USA that was not certified and uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. In 2008 she reached out to GF Harvest based in the state of Wyoming and residing in Powell.

They are a family who all have Coeliac disease, that started a project with their son Forest, so see if they could produce uncontaminated oats that met their strict dietary requirements. They had successfully done this and were just finalising themselves to be export ready.

So, in late 2009, GK Gluten Free Foods introduced Gloriously Free Oats into Australia, not realising the labelling issue around oats and were not prepared for the misinformed controversy about the nature of uncontaminated oats. Since then customers in Australia have been eager to source uncontaminated oats and demand has continued to grow as people learn more about the unique nature of this product.

Kylie and Garry decided if they didn’t import this product, then someone else would. Kylie knew the food industry and knew the health issues faced by those who have to follow specific dietary requirements. They continued to bear the brunt and backlash from various sectors in the food and health industry about the nature of this product. They have been very limited in the information they can share with customers and how they communicate that on their packaging. The term Gloriously Free Oats was born out of a continue barrage of consumers who were keen to access this product, but were unsure about the lack of claims being offered. This for the moment is the best we can do.

It is important to note that here in Australia, a product that contains oats cannot claim to be ‚Äėgluten-free‚Äô due to current food labelling laws. We can label these oats ‚Äúlow gluten‚ÄĚ but think that that is also very confusing for customers. Mainstream oats are predominately contaminated at the farm level where growers also process gluten containing crops such as wheat, rye, spelt or barley. I tested some popular brands and found that they maxed out at 80ppm which is very contaminated. It could well have been more, however we will never know because that is as high as the Elisa testing equipment would test.

Here at GK Gluten Free Foods, we pride ourselves in being able to access one of the purist oats in the world for our Aussie Oat lovers, so we test each batch that is imported and display these results on our Compliance page.

Gloriously Free Oats are uniquely grown and processed in uncontaminated organic facilities, both in the USA and Australia, to ensure they maintain their purity. They are sourced from GF Harvest in the USA, grown and processed by a family who understands purity protocol from planting to packaging.
If you are requiring more information and wanting to access the latest studies in the US, please refer to our reference page (insert link).

To source these oats locally, you can visit our Store Locator is see if there is a store near you. If you don’t find a store near you and you have a local store you frequent, please fill in the form and give us the name of the store and we will get onto it immediately for you. These oats are predominately available in health food stores, bulk food stores and selective IGA’s around the country.
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