Made from Australian Hardwood timber like Red Gum, these Oatmeal Spurtles are hand-made in South-East Queensland, Australia by “Bryan’s Woody Bits – Bespoke Timber Products” and are the perfect addition to your kitchen or great as a gift with some of our GF Oats products.


The Spurtle (or “spirtle”) is a traditional Scots kitchen tool from the 15th century.  Over time the original implement changed shape and began being specifically used for stirring oatmeal and soups.  The rod-like shape is designed for constant stirring which prevents the porridge from congealing or becoming lumpy.  The Spurtle is a wooden bowl with a contoured end to give the user a better grip and is suitable for any stirring or mixing tasks in the kitchen.

*Available online exclusively

GF Oats Spurtle

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