Gluten-Free Vegan Hand Crafted GF Oat Milk

Oat milk is officially the new 'Almond milk' and although we haven't attracted a commercial manufacturer to process oat milk using our GF Oats, we have found a local artisan to create us some beautiful soaps using our very own oat milk. We are able to call these soaps gluten-free as the cosmetic industry has different rules around claims.

Oat milk has some lovely healing properties and probiotic benefits for the skin. We have been trialling these soaps, handmade by a local artisan and simply feel in love with the texture, the smell and the way it left our skin feeling moist and healthy. 

Enjoy from either of our two favourite fragrances - Watermelon or Frangipani.

Alternatively, if you would like soap without fragrances try either of our body or face soap. 

Ingredients: GF Oat milk, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Demineralised Water, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Plumeria Fragrance (Phthalate Free), Pink Mica Powder

Mica is a natural stone mineral with shiny flakes. When mica is ground into a powder, you get mica powder. Mica powders are therefore sparkly, sort of like very fine glitter. They're used to give a metallic or shimmery pearl-like effect.  They come in many colours. 


Gluten Free Oatmilk Soap - Watermelon

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