We searched high and low to find a container that would seal properly. We saw some fancy ones, but these are the most cost-effective container that actually sealed properly. Now you can have your very own GF Oats container labelled sitting in your pantry.  A great tip is to pour your oats into this airtight container to ensure continued freshness and that bugs don’t find your pot of gold. Any leftover oats in the bag, throw it into the freezer to use later.


  • Dimensions:  23.9cm H x 15.3 cmW x 10.6cm D.
  • BPA Free
  • Airtight clip and close container
  • Optional FREE GF Oats Pantry Label available to add to the container under Free Stuff on this website.
  • Choose from Organic, Traditional or Quick Oats Stickers to suit product of your choice.

* Storage container does not include GF Oats Product.

* Available online exclusively

* Style of container subject to availability

We have some suggestions on our blog on how to Store your Oats 

GF Oat Storage Container suits 1kg

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