Tub Tea (Bath Salt) Refill - Lavender
Tub Tea (Bath Salt) Refill - Lavender
Tub Tea (Bath Salt) Refill - Lavender
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tub Tea (Bath Salt) Refill - Lavender
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tub Tea (Bath Salt) Refill - Lavender
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tub Tea (Bath Salt) Refill - Lavender

Tub Tea (Bath Salt) Refill - Lavender

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Treat yourself or someone special to the luxury of a beautiful relaxing bath. If you haven't tried an oat bath yet, you are in for an indulgent surprise. 

Our bath salt blend combines the collagen promoting and antioxidant boosting properties of lavender with the soothing and inflammation-easing hallmarks of oats, we use our very own GF Aussie Oats.

You'll Receive a pouch of tub tea (luxury bath salts blended with oats) and a re-usable tub tea bag to pop them into in your bath. This way all of the residue and oat husks stay in the bag so you can easily throw it in the rubbish, but all of the nourishing elements and fragrance will seep through the bag into your bath

Have you bought our gift pack and now run out of salts? By keeping your original bottle and purchasing our refills, you are engaging in a sustainable earth-friendly practice and helping us move one step closer to being as eco-friendly as we can.


GF Oats, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Bicarb Soda, Lavender, Lavender essential oil


Oats - Calm sensitivity and Eczema, moisturise and protect skin

Epsom Salt - Relieves tired and achy muscles

Himalayan Salt - Provides relaxing and calming experience

Lavender - Relieves stress and headaches, induces sleep 

Frequently Asked Questions?

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Q. Are GF Oats gluten free?
A. These are the same oats sold and labelled as gluten-free in the USA, Canada, UK and most of Europe.

Q. So why aren’t they labelled gluten free?
A. Due to restrictions in the current Australian labelling laws, we are unable to make a claim on packaging that any product containing oats are gluten free. However we have our latest Gluten Free Test results displayed under the compliance tab with corresponding batch numbers to show you that these oats are tested to <3ppm.

Q. Aren’t oats naturally gluten free?
A. Oats are generally contaminated at the farm level as farmers grow other gluten containing grains and then use the same machinery in their processing, storing or carting.

Q. Are these oats safe for Coeliacs?
A. These oats are grown and produced by the Smith family in Wyoming who are a family of Coeliacs, so the understand the disease, its complications and the need for a pure uncontaminated oats products that customers can trust. Please refer to the statement released by the Coeliac Society.

Q. Where are these oats grown and why can’t we grow them in Australia?
A. GK Gluten Free Foods imports the oats from GF Harvest in Wyoming, USA. The Smiths maintain their own certified planting and seed and personally contract “Seedsman” who have now grown any wheat, rye or barley on their land for at least 2 years.  They use harvesters for only or alternative non-gluten crops.  Each field is completely walked at least six times during the growing season to make sure that no volunteer glutinous products are growing in the field.

Q. What does <3ppm mean?
This effectively is the lowest that the Elisa Testing Equipment tests down to for the detection of gluten. All products on the market that are labelled gluten-free in Australia will test to <3ppm which equates to ‘0’ or nil detected.

Q. How do you test the oats to ensure they are free from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley?
Great question, I did a whole blog on this. You can read it here…

Q. What is the difference between Organic and Traditional Oats? 
Great question, I did a blog on this topic. You can read it here…

Q. What does low-gluten mean?
Great question, I tackled this question in a blog recently. You can read it here…

Q. Are GF Oats sprayed or irradiated?
We are very excited to tell you that the entire range of GF Oats has no exposure to any chemicals at the farm level during processing or during the importation process. As the oats are already processed and are not in their Raw seed form we are not required to adhere to any irradiation procedure at customs.

Subscription Information

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Subscription ordering is available on certain products. This is a service we offer on some of our most popular goods, and if you regularly order you can save 15%. Please note if you subscribe you can not cancel a subscription immediately; you are required to go through three cycles before cancellation. We recommend you try our oats before committing to a subscription. For more info, please watch the video below. 

Shipping Information

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Orders are dispatched Monday to Thursday.  Any orders placed after 1pm on these days will be dispatched on the next dispatch day.

GF Oats use Aramax (Fastway) and Australia Post to deliver your order. We are in regional Qld and have limited freight companies to use.  We are very happy with our local Aramax company but if you find them less than satisfactory at your end you can make a note on your order  for us to only use Australia Post.  All orders are tracked and your tracking code will be sent by email when your order is dispatched.  

Since Covid 19 we have found that with the uptake of online shopping that freight companies have been under significant pressure in some areas to dispatch in a timely manner. We continue to work closely with our contacts to ensure the very best service we can for our customers, however, it is often out of our control.

Once your parcel leaves our GF Oats headquarters, we say a prayer, but after that, it is really out of our control. If you have any problems with your order please respectfully reach out to our team who will do their very best to track this item. It is our company policy that if conversations are not conducted in a respectful manner they will be forwarded to management.

Our freight costs vary across all our products, and are weight based. All freight includes GST and will be calculated during checkout, but as a guide are prices are as follows:

Orders over $150 Free Shipping
A5 Satchel $7.80
Up to 2kg $9.95
2kg to 3kg $12.95
3kg to 5kg $14.95
5kg to 7kg $18.95
7kg to 10kg $25.95
10kg to 15kg $38.00
15kg to 20kg $40.00

    Local pick up is available at the checkout if you'd like to order online and collect from our warehouse in Meringandan, Qld. If you are requiring bulk amounts we are more than happy to quote you a special price, please call us to enquire.

    If you are not at the specified delivery address to receive the parcel, a card will be left advising you that delivery was attempted. Parcels will only be left without a signature if it is requested in writing (Authority to Leave – ATL).  Gfoats.com.au takes no responsibility for parcels left without signatures.  Sometimes cards get accidentally discarded, so if you believe your parcel should have arrived, please contact the freight company as parcels get returned after 7 days of no contact.

    Tracking numbers for all deliveries are available and these will be emailed to you when your order is dispatched. If you did not receive your tracking number, please check your junk email folder and if you have not received anything, just contact us and we can forward it on to you.

    Some areas across the country can take a little more time to receive their deliveries, ie; Western Australia has a quarantine process that can extend the time for your order to reach your door and we anticipate deliveries to Western Australia could take between 2-3 weeks.

    Where to buy

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    If you would prefer to buy locally, just pop your postcode in the box below, and search for a stockist near you. We would recommend that you ring any stores to check stock levels. 


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    Compliance of GF Oats – Gloriously Free Oats the “Oats you can Trust.” 
    Please read our position statement on Gloriously Free Oats here.

    Our Commitment to you
    It is important to us here at GK Gluten Free Foods that we provide Australian consumers with oats that are free from the contamination of the gluten found in wheat, rye or barley. Great lengths are taken from the time the seed is sown at GF Harvest in the USA, our dedicated suppliers, to the packaging of the products here in Australia. All processing is done at Endeavour Industries in Gluten Free facilities.

    Australian Labelling Laws
    Current labelling laws in Australia and New Zealand restrict us from labelling this product gluten-free or any product that contains oats gluten-free, even if they are labelled gluten-free in other parts of the world.

    Each batch of oats that comes into Australia is accompanied by certification documents. However, GK Gluten Free Foods sends samples to Symbio in Brisbane, which is an independent testing facility. We test each batch that is imported from the US for gluten contamination to that each batch is uncontaminated. The gluten from Symbio is reported as <3ppm as this is the level of quantification for their testing. They use the R-biopharm test kit for gluten, which uses an antigen-antibody reaction to determine gluten levels.  <3ppm effectively equates to ‘0’ or nil gluten detected. Please review our latest test results here. You can match them with the batch numbers on your product’s packaging.

    Note: 2015 updates to the labelling laws now allow us to label this product “Low Gluten”. Low Gluten simply means <20ppm which still doesn’t represent the purity of our product.

    ANZAC Biscuits
    It is a requirement of Veterans Affairs that any product that carries the word ANZAC for commercial purposes be approved. We are pleased to inform all our customers we have done this. The letter of Approval is listed here.

    We appreciate that customers have many questions regarding this product and the branding as it can be confusing when we are unable to completely communicate the true representation of these oats due to labelling restrictions.

    Latest Test Results from Symbio can be viewed here


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    Holiday Opening Hours

    GF Oats will close on 22nd December while we take a short break, and we will reopen on Monday 10th January. While we are closed, you can still place orders online; all orders will be dispatched as soon as possible once we reopen. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a safe, happy and joyful holiday season!

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