Compliance of GF Oats – Gloriously Free Oats the “Oats you can Trust.” Please read our position statement on Gloriously Free oats here.

Our Commitment to you
It is important to us here at GK Gluten Free Foods that we provide Australian consumers with oats that are free from the contamination of the gluten found in wheat, rye or barley. “Oats they can trust.”

Great lengths are taken from the time the seed is sown at GF Harvest in the USA , our dedicated suppliers, to the packaging of the products here in Australia. All processing is done at Endeavour Industries in Gluten Free facilities.

Australian Labelling Laws
Current labelling laws in Australia and New Zealand restrict us from labelling this product gluten-free or any product that contains oats gluten-free, even if they are labelled gluten-free in other parts of the world.

Each batch of oats that comes into Australia is accompanied by certification documents. However, GK Gluten Free Foods sends samples to Symbio in Brisbane, which is an independent testing facility. We test each batch that is imported from the US for gluten contamination to that each batch is uncontaminated. The gluten from Symbio is reported as <3ppm as this is the level of quantification for their testing. They use the R-biopharm test kit for gluten, which uses an antigen-antibody reaction to determine gluten levels.  <3ppm effectively equates to ‘0’ or nil gluten detected. Please review our latest test results below. You can match them with the batch nos. on your product’s packaging.

Note: 2015 updates to the labelling laws now allow us to label this product “Low Gluten”. Low Gluten simply means <20ppm which still doesn’t represent the purity of our product.

ANZAC Biscuits

It is a requirement by Veterans Affairs that any product that carries the word ANZAC for commercial purposes be approved.
We are pleased to inform all our customers we have done this. The letter of Approval is listed here.

We appreciate that customers have many questions regarding this product and the branding as it can be confusing when we are unable to completely communicate the true representation of these oats due to labelling restrictions.

Latest Test Results from Symbio:

Contamination Testing for Quick Oats, Traditional & Organic Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats September 2019

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