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What's on in July?

We’ve had our shortest day of the year, so it’s all upwards from here. We hope you’re well rugged up with something toasty and warm to snack on (maybe before a good fire? If you have a fireplace, we know who we’re trying to visit!) Why not try out our new bowl cosies? They’ll let you enjoy your freshly cooked porridge without burning your hands, and it makes for a great lapwarmer while you’re at it (provided, of course, that that position isn’t already occupied by your furry friends).

New Product Alert – GF Aussie Oats

Now this one is very special, it’s a project that’s been near and dear to our hearts for a long time, and now we’re thrilled to share it’s come to fruition and will be available to purchase very soon.

Our GF Aussie Oats are grown right here in Australia on dedicated facilities that are free of contamination from wheat, rye and barley. From processing to transportation, these beautiful Aussie oats are carefully kept from contact with gluten-containing products or equipment, and undergo rigorous gluten testing at every step of production – our oats test to <3ppm, which effectively equates to ‘0’ or ‘nil gluten detected’, though Australia’s labelling laws remain the same and we are still unable to legally use the term ‘Gluten-Free’ on our packaging. For more information and to see our latest test results, please visit our compliance page.

GF Aussie Oats are as true blue Australian as they could be – they’re grown in Western Australia, then processed, tested in Brisbane, packaged, labelled and shipped right here on the Darling Downs, Toowoomba, Queensland. Even our packaging is Australian made! We’re so proud to be the first in Australia to be producing GF oats, and we’re delighted to present them to you. We hope you’ll enjoy them as you #buyaussiemade

This is the perfect segue into our Monthly Special, because this month is all about our GF Aussie Oats!!! As I’ve said, they’re not quite ready to launch but when they are we’ll update this post with all the details 👀

This Month’s Blog – How to increase your Immune System with Oats

Boosting your immune system is easier than ever in the depths of winter, when a warm bowl of oatmeal would be perfect even if it didn’t have as many health benefits as it does. Read Kylie’s article to learn just how the humble oat – containing infection-fighting beta-glucan, selenium and zinc – can be a powerhouse base to a smoothie bowl with enough health benefits to make your head spin. By artfully choosing your toppings – like protein-building nuts, antioxidant-packed berries, and bioactive honey – you can build a bowl that can lower blood sugar and cholesterol, aid digestion and promote both gut and bowel health, all while containing plenty of fibre to provide a filling meal that will keep you going for hours.

This Month’s Recipe – Gourmet Oat-Based Pizza

Good Chef Bad Chef have done it again, creating a delicious gourmet Oat-Based Pizza that the whole family will enjoy. If you love a thin and crispy pizza base, this recipe is for you! It’s also super customisable – you can switch up the toppings or introduce fresh herbs when you’re whipping up the base, and you know it comes together in a flash! Super easy, super simple, super quick – for those evenings when you need something healthy but speedy. Simple blitz your base ingredients together, spread it on your tray, sprinkle with your toppings – and you’re done!

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