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What are the benefits of buying Organic Oats?

The Australian organic industry is currently worth $2.6 billion and is growing year on year. Strong growth has been driven largely by consumer appetite for natural, pesticide-free and synthetic chemical-free, wholesome food and a growing awareness of the importance of environmentally sustainable practices.

GF Oats started to import our Certified Organic Oats into Australia following requests from our loyal customers. Since then, our growers have had to increase the supply of their organic oats year on year to keep up with the growing demand both here and internationally. 

Earlier in 2022 we sourced our very first Certified Organic GF Oats here in Australia. They are sourced from our current Australian farmers. They are certified by Southern Cross Certified Organic Organisation, we provide copies of the Certified Organic documents from our growers to ACO Certified Ltd, Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce. We then provide ACO Certified Ltd with adequate traceability to ensure that the product maintains its organic status along the supply chain. Much the same as if you are preventing a product from getting contaminated with other grains that contain gluten.

You might be interested to know that ALL of the products in the Aussie GF Oats range test nil to glyphosate(roundup), a chemical compound that is commonly used to control weeds. We invite you to explore our FAQs and Compliance pages.

Why should we care about Organic Certifications?

Organic food has been a hot topic for some time now, but what does it really mean to be organic? And, why should you care? 

Food and ingredients produced via organic farming practices are as natural as can be, and protocols are in place to ensure that insects and weeds are controlled via organic means.

When you see an Organic label you can be assured that:

  • No synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides have been used 
  • Products are free from artificial colours and/or preservatives 
  • Animals are free to roam
  • No antibiotics are used 
  • No genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) are used 

 Why are Organic Products more expensive?

There are a few reasons why organic products have an associated higher price tag. In a nutshell, farming practices are generally more labour intensive and it costs farmers more to produce organic products. If you have ever grown your own vegetables, you will know that without the conventional use of pesticides and herbicides, you will need to pay more for soil preparation, organic fertilizers and insect control products along with the labour required. For us, at GF Oats we choose to be certified with ACO Certified Ltd (formerly Australian Certified Organic), which means that every year we pay for an auditor to come to our business and audit our systems and processors to ensure that we are compliant. This of course attracts an additional cost on top of the premium price we pay for our organic oats from the farmer.

Why would you choose Organic Oats?

If you are wondering why you should consider changing your family’s diet to one that incorporates organic products, there are many independent studies that show the benefits of choosing organic foods where you can. 

1. Nutritional benefits. 

As the food is not exposed to the many and varied chemicals that are used in conventional farming, organic oats are more nutritious and abundant in vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

2. No pesticides. 

There has been a lot of information shared about the dangers of glyphosate in particular, which is the active ingredient in many herbicides, the most popular being Roundup. Most produce that is not organic will come with chemical residue on it, so please ensure you wash your precious produce prior to eating. But in reference to oats, this is impossible to do. We welcome you to explore our compliance page which shows that our farmers do not use any glyphosate in their farming practices.

3. No Nasties. 

GF Oats products don’t contain any artificial ingredients, chemical additives, MSG or preservatives. Quite simply, they don’t contain any nasty stuff.

4. Better flavour. 

Organic oats just taste better. You will see a slight difference in the texture of our Certified Organic Oats but I think the most significant difference is the taste. Organic oats have a creamy pure taste and they are quite simply the best oats I’ve ever tasted (and yes, of course, I am biased). You can get yourself a sample of our Certified Organic Oats in our Online Shop and discover the difference in taste for yourself. 

How do you know our Oats are Certified Organic?

Many products claim they are Organic but be careful as this claim generally means that only 1 ingredient in the product is certified organic. There are several companies in Australia that you can be certified with however here at GF Oats we are certified with ACO Certification Ltd. You will see the ACO label on all our certified organic oats.

We also don’t use any pesticides in our warehouse or in the supply chain of this product.

Grab your Aussie Organic GF Oats here...

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