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Inside Scoop on Organic Oats

The organic industry in Australia is currently worth $2.6 billion dollars and ever-growing; this growth is driven by consumer demand for natural, pesticide-free and synthetic chemical-free wholesome food and a growing awareness of environmentally sustainable practices.

GF Oats began to import our Certified Organic Oats in 2015 by popular request, and demand is ever increasing. To maintain our Certified Organic status here in Australia, we have to present an organic body certified organic documentation from our growers and then provide them with adequate traceability to ensure that the product maintains its organic standing along the supply channels in the same manner as for preventing contamination in gluten-free products. 

What difference does the Organic certification really make? Why should consumers care? The foods and ingredients that are produced as organic goods are done so in a strictly controlled environment that ensures every aspect of the product conforms to organic standards. This enables us to say that when seeing an Organic label, you can be sure that:

  • No synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides are used
  • The products are made without artificial colours or preservatives
  • All livestock are reared in humane, free-range conditions
  • No antibiotics are administered
  • No genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) are present

All this can lead to an expensive product; but what benefits can you claim from these increased costs? To farm organically is expensive; if you grow your own vegetables you know that without the conventional use of pesticides and herbicides, the soil preparation, organic fertilizers and insect control products can be costly… and that doesn’t include the price of labour!

With these costs in mind, why should you choose the benefits of Organic oats? Independent studies have shown:

  • The advantage of increased nutritional benefits! Produce not exposed to the chemicals used in conventional farming is far more nutritious and abundant in vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.
  • The strengths of going pesticide free! There has been a lot of information shared about the dangers of glyphosate in particular which is the active ingredient in many herbicides, and these chemicals often leave residue on produce. Our GF Oats are sourced from a totally glyphosate free environment, and so are free of these remnants. Whew!
  • The merits of living sans additives! GF Oats and associated product just don’t contain any artificial ingredients or chemical additives, no MSG or preservatives. Nasty stuff.
  • The improved taste of Organic products! You will see a slight difference in the texture of our Certified Organic Oats but the taste is the most significant improvement; that creamy pure taste of Organic oats is simply the best that oats can be. You can get yourself a sample of these in our online shop! 

So how can consumers tell they are sourcing genuine Organic products? A loophole means only one ingredient in a product need be Organic for the manufacturer to slap a big shiny ‘Organic’ on the label, so familiarise yourself with the logos of Australia’s organic certification boards and companies. Only genuinely organic products can be sold with these logos, and manufacturers must comply with regular inspection. Here at GF Oats, we are certified with the ACO Certification Ltd, meaning from the growing, shipping, packing and delivery of our Organic oats, we remain perfectly pure and perfectly organic.

Check out our FAQs and our compliance page for more information.

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