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Our Aussie Oats Story

When I reflect on it, the Aussie Oats story really started a long, long time ago.

I’m a farmer’s daughter, I come off the land around the Central Queensland Agricultural community of Springsure. Born and bred around crops such as wheat, sorghum, oats, sunflowers and a few other varieties of grain, Dad also had cattle and if I was honest, I loved working with cattle and horses more than the farming and agriculture, but I loved to drive the big tractors as well, mostly because they were air conditioned and boy it was HOT!!

So in 2007, when I discovered that they were growing uncontaminated oats in the USA and they were certified as gluten free, it’s no wonder my ears pricked up.

In 2016, after many attempts at labelling our oats, we rebranded the oats we were importing, from farmers in the US, to Gloriously Free Oats – “The Oats you can Trust”. Predominately our target market is the growing number of customers who suffer from gluten intolerance.

Around the same time, a group of farmers in Western Australia reached out to us with the proposal of being able to grow us oats that was uncontaminated and they were interested in us purchasing them to supply in our brand, as we dominated the market.  We were beyond excited, but there was a bit of a way to go yet. See they had mastered the ability to grow and produce the oats without contamination from the gluten grains, wheat, rye or barley, but we also needed access to a steaming and rolling mill in order to process and stabilise the oats. This has taken some time for them to do as they have had to bootstrap this project, like us.  Our goal was to continue to grow our presence in the market to build a demand, while these farmers took on the mammoth taste of building their dedicated oat processing mill.

By January 2021, our supply chain in the USA buckled under the pressure of Covid as the ports were heavily congested with cargo delayed for over 3 months. We realised that we were potentially going to run out of oats, within weeks, for our Australian supply chain, if we did not get stock through a different route from the US. As Garry dealt with this new challenge, Kylie reached out to the farmers in WA and said, well, this is it. We need these oats, and we need them now!

After 12 years, we have the first Aussie GF Oats touching the shelves of stores all over Australia and reaching the tummies of gluten friendly customers all over the country. The truth is, when one milestone is reached, another dozen reveal themselves. That is code for ‘watch this space’, we have just released the Aussie Oats in bulk, and we are excited to release a full range of products over the next few months featuring the new hero in our range – Aussie GF Oats.

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