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Gluten-Free Oatmeal Tea Tub baths are new again!


Oatmeal is fantastic for itchy skin, so people with eczema, psoriasis, and other painful conditions of a similar nature will benefit from adding oats to their bath. Dry skin, sunburn, hives, shingles, and even poison ivy can all be soothed by this wonder grain. But how? Protein-rich oatmeal is loaded with fatty lipids that bind to your skin, forming a protective barrier that both nourishes and moisturizes your epidermis. Even if you don’t have a skin complaint that you’re looking to soothe, you’ll still be benefited from the moisture and softness that the oatmeal bath gives you. As a benefit, oatmeal has cleansing properties, so if you’ve showered before bathing, you can step straight from the tub and seal in all that moisture and goodness with a rich emollient cream with no need to rinse.

Available in three different varieties you are going to struggle to choose which one. Will it be Lavender, Rose or the beautiful Lemon Myrtle. All three are special in their own way.

But, when you get one of our Handcrafted Tub Tea packs, that’s not all you get! You’ll also receive a bath bomb infused with all those goodies and gorgeously fragranced with your respective essential oils. You also get a lovely, scented oat soap handcrafted by a local artisan and available separately on our shop. These gluten-free oat soaps blends feature hydrating oat milk with rich and lipophilic oils, and is jam packed with essential oils to gently cleanse and nourish, leaving your skin fresh, soft and smooth, while sealing in all that hydration and moisture from your bath with a protective emollient layer.

You will receive an instruction card and a reusable Tea Tub Teabag to hold the bath salts for each luxurious bath.

You can find our lovely Tub Tea selection right here on our shop.

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