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GF Oats Allergen Statement

  1. GF Oats avoids the top 10 Allergens

If you know Kylie’s story you will know that she and her family have been living with food intolerances and allergies for over 25 years now. So, this is very familiar territory, a passion that turned into her legacy, to supply people with healthy nutritious foods that support a variety of dietary requirements and ensure that their foods are free of the top 10 allergens listed on the FSANAZ website that people are sensitive to.  We have more information on what the difference is between a food allergy and a food intolerance here…

Here is a full list of allergens that we AVOID in our GF Oats: 

  • NO Crustaceans, including Shellfish
  • NO Dairy
  • NO Egg or Egg Derivatives
  • NO Fish
  • NO Nuts, including All Tree Nuts
  • NO Peanuts
  • NO Seeds
  • NO Soy or Soy Derivatives
  • NO Wheat or Wheat Derivatives
  • NO Lupin
  • NO Artificial Colours/Colorants/Flavours
  • NO Natural Colours/Colorants/Flavours
  • NO Barley/Rye or Barley Derivatives
  • NO Bee Product
  • NO Corn or Corn Derivatives
  • NO Fragrance
  • NO Fruit or Fruit Derivatives
  • NO Gluten
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Rice or Rice Derivatives
  • NO Salt
  • NO Sesame or Sesame DerivativesNO Sugar/Sweeteners
  • NO GMO
  • NO Animal Tested
  • Gelatin-Animal Source
  • Sulphured Dioxide/Sulphites
  • Irradiated / ETO Treated


Find our full GF Oats here... 



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