All you need to know about our Oats - FAQ's

All you need to know about our Oats - FAQ's

Kylie Hollonds

We have been importing and selling GF Oats to the public since 2009. Over the years we have fielded many many questions so we have compiled a very thorough list of questions and answers. Some of the following might be some of the questions that you have about our oats and oats related products. The following are our top FAQ's. 

  • Are these Oats Gluten Free?
  • Why aren't these oats labelled as gluten free?
  • Aren't oats naturally gluten free?
  • Are these oats safe for Coeliac's?
  • Where are these oats grown?
  • Why can't we grow GF Oats in Australia?
  • How do you test the oats to show they are nil gluten?
  • What is the difference between Traditional & Certified Organic?
  • What does low gluten mean?
  • Are GF Oats sprayed or irradiated?
  • What is the difference between a best before and a used by date?
  • Can you show me a copy of the Australian Food Labelling Laws?
  • Do you have research references on oats?
  • How do you make sure your oats are uncontaminated from gluten?
  • Why is there yellow flakes in my oats?
  • What does Oats Purity mean?
  • How do I store my oats I buy in bulk?
  • How do I cook the oats?
  • How do I make oat milk?
  • Do you have Smoothie recipes?
  • Who grows your oats?

These and many more questions are all answered on our FAQ page here. 

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