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Benefits of GF Oats for a Vegan Diet

GF Oats have been importing oats since 2009. It was only over the last few years that we became aware that we were “Accidentally Vegan”. ‘Accidentally’ Vegan products are items not labelled as a Vegan from non-vegan companies that produce some products that coincidentally do not contain any animal products.

Vegans eat what is called a ‘plant-based diet’ and do not consume meat, fish, eggs, dairy, milk, butter or any substance that comes from animals. 

Here at GF Oats, if you know Kylie’s story, she has been avoiding many of the Top 10 allergens in her products for the last 25 years, and she realised that many of her recipes were also suitable for the Vegan community.  You can check out our Allergen Statement if you wish to see the extensive list of all the allergens that are avoided in the production of GF Oats.

People choose to follow a Vegan diet for a number of different reasons. Some choose the Vegan lifestyle for health reasons whilst others choose it for personal preference and animal rights reasoning. Whichever reason you have for choosing to become vegan is your choice.

Choosing a Vegan lifestyle does, however, come with a LOT of checking of labels to ensure that the foods you are choosing are vegan-friendly.

Here at GF Oats, we are proud to be able to provide a large range of Vegan-friendly products. Aside from our Oats range, we have a lovely convenient Vegan snack range starting with our GF Oats ANZAC biscuits and Chocolate Chip biscuits. We have swapped the butter for coconut oil in both these beautiful vegan biscuits and they are packaged in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Our muesli range is also Vegan.  In fact, the only offering we have in our shop that is NOT classified Vegan is our GF Oats Gluten-Free Raw Honey.

We also have published a Beautiful Vegan themed Recipe Book you can download here.

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